Sunday, September 19, 2010

Price List

I am very willing to do payment plans, but will not send out a finished commission before everything has been paid!

  • 70 Euro (approx. $95) + Shipping + Materials
  • 5 Euro (approx. $6) extra if I have to prepare the scalp (separate scalp and dome, cut off the hair)
For Saran, Nylon, Polypropylene I recommend the following European shop:
My Little Customs
You need 10-11 hanks for a Blythe-Scalp.

For Alpaca I recommend the following shops:
Alpaca Outbacka
Black Meadow Suris
You need 2-3 oz for a Blythe scalp.

I'm very willing to reroot Mohair or Yak, too, but I haven't ordered it yet so I can't recommend a shop!

Other Services
I can do the following things for you on RBLs, SBLs, FBLs (haven't worked with other facemolds yet, but willing to try):

Licca-Arm-Transplantation (or whole body replacement)
  • 8 Euro (approx. $10) + Shipping (you provide the Licca-Body/-Bodies)

Lip Carving
  • 10 Euro (approx. $13) + Shipping

Changing Eyechips
  • 1 Euro (approx. $1) per pair + Shipping (you provide the eyechips)
You can order new eyechips for example at Brainworm or Cool Cat.

Sleep Eyes
  • 1 Euro (approx. $1) + Shipping (you provide new pullstrings & pullrings/pullcharms)
For new pullstrings/pullrings I recommend Twiggy Twiggy.

  • 5 Euro (approx. $6) + Shipping

  • 5 Euro (approx. $6) + Shipping

New Eyelashes
  • 2 Euro (approx. $2) + Shipping (you provide the lashes)

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